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Season Ticket Program for Clubs

In order to meet the advanced planning needs of our local beach volleyball clubs, we offer a season ticket program for registration in our tourneys.   Clubs that participate in this program will be guaranteed a set amount of spots in each of our events.

This program applies to entry into the larger venues; N Ave Beach and Montrose Beach.  It is not applicable to our 4-Lakes or Twin Lakes tourneys.

In order to balance this program with the needs of the general public, we hope to limit this program to no more than 50% of the spots for any given event.  And to ensure there's sufficient spots for numerous clubs, there's a limit of 15 spots per club.
How the Program Works
These ground rules are simple in order to minimize administrative headaches, yet important in order to avoid day-of-tourney confusion.  (Clubs that create problems will be excluded and/or removed from the list.)  Clubs must register for this program.  Below is a brief summary of our rules; complete details can be found on the Ticket Sign-up page:

In General:
1. Registered clubs will be allocated a set amount of spots for each of our tourneys, in multiples of 5 (5, 10 or 15), depending on past participation and current needs. 
2. Registered clubs will be able to register their teams in advance of the general public; this presale will occur every Sunday preceding each event, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. 
3. Registered clubs can use their allotted spots to register their teams for any age group and any division that is being offered.

Note 1: Registered clubs could always buy less then their allotment during the advance registration period.

Note 2: Registered clubs can always buy additional team spots through the general registration process, which opens up every Monday at 9 a.m. proceeding each event.  Of course, at that point registration is 1st come, 1st served, till the tourney is filled.

To participate in this program, clubs must submit a formal application found on our ticket sign-up page.  We'll review the application and contact the administrator within a few days with a decisiion.
For detailed rules and to sign up for our Season Ticket Program, click here. 
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