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Spectator Code of Conduct

Spectators such as parents, coaches and friends add so much to the positive atmosphere that we strive to maintain at our events.  We run these events, first and foremost, to have fun.  (Skill development is a close second.)  So we want spectators to come out and enjoy the event.  And for most spectators, are general guidelines are sufficient; cheer, don't interfere, and be courteous.  Yet every once in awhile complaints arise concerning inappropriate behavior. 

Accordingly, for those who need clear guidance, we've set out the below rules of conduct.  Please be advised that we will remove and even permanently ban those who fail to abide by these rules.

1. Smoking & Drinking:  All smoking products and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

2.  Cheering/Interfering Defined: Positive general statements supporting your players are allowed. 
a. You may not make derogatory comments to the opposition.
b. You may not make snide or sarcastic comments to the opposition in the guise of positive comments (such as sarcasm), nor engage in conduct that is or could be interpreted as rude and derogatory (such as a physical gesture).
c. You may not call out skill-related or tactical advice to players during play or when changing sides.

3. Coaching: Coaching is allowed, but only during timeouts and between games.
a. A coach may direct a player to call time out.
b. A coach may cheer at any time, within the above guidelines.
c. Again, coaching is not permitted when switching sides.
d. A coach may stand unobtrusively near the baseline corner of a court, but must move if requested to do so by any player from any nearby court.

4. Spectator Positioning: Parents, coaches and friends may stand or sit in the designated spectator areas; these areas will be clearly defined at each event.  Please be considerate of others sitting nearby.
a. Spectators may bring items such as chairs, umbrellas and tents (no larger that 10'x10').
b. The rows between the courts are reserved exclusively for the players.

5. Areas of Observation: North Avenue Beach is large, with numerous courts running down each row.  Viewing games taking place towards the middle of the row is limited.  As such, areas behind the courts may be used for observing play and taking photographs.  But the following stringent limitations apply:
a. Players on the nearby courts must not be bothered by this presence.   If they are, they could request the viewer to move.
b. Only 1 parent, spectator or coach per team is allowed in this area.
c. Cheering, coaching or other comments are not allowed.
d. Photographs are allowed, but only if the subject of the photo gave prior consent.  Those who take unauthorized photos will be subject to trespassing charges and ejection.

6. Resolving Disputes:  Spectators may feel the need to intercede in player disputes.  We want the players to resolve their own disputes.  But that doesn't mean interested parties are helpless in preventing an injustice.  Here's the procedure to follow if such situations:
a. Tell your player to call a time out.  (Hopefully they will.)
b. Tell the player bring the problem to the attention of the tourney director.
c. Players on both teams should then discuss the matter with the director.  Interested parties may accompany them.
d. Here's the essential procedural rule - the players will argue their respective positions to the director, who will then issue a ruling.  Spectator interference at this stage is not allowed.
e.  After the players leave, an interested party may pursue the matter further with the director.  We will not tolerate parents, coaches or spectators arguing in front of the players.  And if a person argues in a manner that is less than courteous, that person will be ejected.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us at any time.
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