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Season Ticket Rules & Registration

The Rules

Buying season tickets is a two-way commitment:  We will guarantee your club a fixed number of spots in each of our events; but you have to commit to rules listed below. 

There's no fee for joining, nor are there any advanced payment requirements.  Team fees will be paid on a weekly basis when you register your teams.

Season tickets are only available for our N Ave & Montrose Beach events.

To secure season tickets:
1. Fill out the below form.
2. On that form, tell us how many spots you wish to secure for each of our tourneys (the number of spots will be the same for each event), in multiples of 5 (5, 10 or 15), with 15 being the maximum allowed. 
3. We will allocate spots to your club depending on a number of factors, including your club's past participation in our events, your current needs and the total number of available spots.  For example, clubs that our new to our program will be limited to 5 spots, assuming space is available.
4. Once accepted into our season ticket program, your club will be placed on our program participation list (home page) and we will add you to our season ticket email list.
5. Every Friday night preceding each of our Chicago events we will email you a link to our advance registration site. 
6. Your advance registration opportunity will open up the next day, Sunday, running from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.  You could then purchase the spots you need.  And you could allocate your purchase any way you choose concerning divisions and age groups. 
8. You could purchase less than your allotted spots.  But you can't exceed your allotment.
If you exceed your allotment, your entire order will be cancelled.
9. Advanced registration will close Sunday at 9 p.m.
10. You will receive your entry tickets no later than Monday.

Administrative Notes:
A couple of ground rules for ease of administration:

Submit the team names and their respective divisions in a clear and coherent manner.  This can be done on the checkout page under "Team Names" or by submitting a follow-up email.  Ex: 16U: Rauner/Emanuel, Clinton/Kaine, Trump/Pence.  14U: Comey/Flynn.  Do not submit excess info (ex: first names) or a spreadsheet.

Clubs that continually fail to use their weekly allotment could have their allotment reduced in order to accommodate other clubs.

Clubs that fail to follow these rules and/or create administrative problems will be dropped from this program.

Clubs participating in this program could always sign up additional teams once general registration opens (Monday at 9 a.m.).  But remember, general registration is 1st come, 1st served, till filled.

This program can be canceled at any time for any reason.

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